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Recent Facts Presented by NASA and JPL make the race to develop the Moon more urgent. The  most important facts are as followed.

Fact #1 The discovery of ice on the Moon - water in its purist form, enough to keep a small city going for quite sometime.

Fact #2 - The most important reason for developing the Moon - H3, or Helium 3, an element constantly deposited on the Moon from solar winds from our sun.   This element is the purest fuel which is worth one thousand times more than a pound of gold here on Earth. Example one pound of gold current market value $4800 - Helium 3 one pound = $4,800,000. 

Imagine the gold miner days of the old West here on Earth, become one of the future pioneers of Helium 3, reserve your space today.

COMING SOON A 3D Trip to the Moon, visit it Virtually. Check back often.

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Moon Beam Enterprise proudly announces the development of the Moon
Through innovations and our creative skills we developed several areas of the Moon.
    Reserve your home in the Sea of Serenity Lunar Colony, Honeymoon at the Sea of Fertility Honeymoon Resort, Rest in Peace at The Sea of Clouds Cemetery, vacation at the Lake of Dreams Lunar Resort, Retire to the Sea of Nectar Retirement Resort, Reserve the right to a Lunar Franchise, send a friend, co-worker, or boss to the Lake of Death Lunar Prison.
What the United Nation's Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and Moon Treaty of 1979 states about developing the Moon. Please click on the Legal News below, for a full explanation. Then, Click below on an area you are most interested in. Reserve your Piece of the Moon, Today.

The Legal News - What the U.N. Outer Space Treaty and Moon Treaty say about this?


Future Technologies that will make this possible.


100% Guarantee, For any Reason You are Not Happy with
Your Lunar Purchase, Return it, in a resell able condition
and your money shall be refunded to you. No Questions, or Hassle.
30 Days or less from receiving date.
MoonBeam Enterprises is currently handling the sales of Reservations for Future Ownership of the Following:

Map of Moon and Future Developments


MoonBeam Enterprise Proudly Presents

Sea of Serenity Lunar Homes


Sea of Nectar Retirement Resort


Lunar Franchises


Sea of Clouds Cemetery


Lake of Death Lunar Prison


The Lunar Travel Agency
is currently accepting reservations for the following:



Lake of Dreams Lunar Resort


Sea of Fertility Honeymoon Resort


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There currently are no structures on the Moon

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There are currently no structures being built on the Moon.

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